Anna Marine

Anna Marine
Anna Marine Apr 16, 2014

Anna Marine's road book : Germany, Cologne

Cologne is located on both sides of the Rhine River. The city's famous Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) is the seat of the Catholic Archbishop of…
Anna Marine
Anna Marine Feb 11, 2014

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Anna Marine
Anna Marine Feb 11, 2014

Anna Marine's road book: Turkey,Istanbul

I was in Turkey once and it was in Alanya.And,you know,with all that 'all inclusive' it was kinda boring.I'm an active person and I really…
Anna Marine
Anna Marine Oct 23, 2013

' Wanna see my b%#bs?' Saga. Possibly 3D

Well, keep dreaming. :P And, yes,today I want to talk about this topical theme of nowadays.It's not that I'm really into all those celebrities' stuff and…
Anna Marine
Anna Marine Oct 05, 2013

Anna Marine's road book. Italy.Part 3 - Venice

"She looks a sea Cybele, fresh from ocean, Rising with her tiara of proud towers At airy distance, with majestic motion, A ruler of the waters and their…
Anna Marine
Anna Marine Aug 09, 2013

Anna Marine's road book : Italy.Part 2 Tivoli, Villa d'Este

UNESCO world heritage - Villa d'Este in Tivoli (small town) is about 30km from central Rome.It's one of the finest Renaissance villas and gardens…
Anna Marine
Anna Marine Jun 24, 2013

Anna Marine's road book:Italy.Part 1 - The Colosseum and Trevi Fountain

I dreamed about visiting Italy since I was 14.Those days I studied mythology and of course the main subjects were Greek and Roman mythology.I was…
Anna Marine
Anna Marine May 07, 2013

We were born to be princes of the universe

'We were born to be princes of the universe' Queen I want to take action... Sometimes I feel so much energy in me that it seems I…
Anna Marine
Anna Marine Apr 01, 2013

Emerging Talent: Anna Marine

THANKS SO MUCH TO 詠儀™ FOR MAKING IT!I"M SO HAPPY AND FLATTERED Reblogged from 詠儀™ For those of you who have been checking out my posts regularly…
Anna Marine
Anna Marine Mar 14, 2013 Originally by summergrace

Chocolate Sunday

I was invited to Chocolate Exhibition this Sunday and after party with tasting the chocolate from all over the world.Wow!It was truly a Universe of…
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Anna Marine
Anna Marine Feb 18, 2013

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Anna Marine
Anna Marine Feb 05, 2013

Sugar snowflakes

I'm lying on the couch with the book, cup of coffee and coconut candies...Window is open and I see the snowflakes that fly into the…
Anna Marine
Anna Marine Feb 04, 2013
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